Wake Me Up


The routine that will wake up your hair!

The WAKE ME UP hydrating care line takes care of dry, dehydrated and even normal hair. We all need softness!

This hair routine from the SPIRIT ELEMENTS collection is designed to give everyone a shiny, silky look!

The shampoo enriched with nourishing agents removes impurities without harming the hair. In addition, the conditioner has a quick application time and leaves a protective veil after each wash. Just like a body cream, it helps maintain the water naturally present in the cells of the scalp and hair fibre!

Depending on your hair type, take the time to do a mask once or twice a week for an optimal hydration! It has a generous texture that nourishes without weighing down the hair!

In addition to this routine, we recommend the use of our Instant reviving mist ALWAYS YOUNG, which can be applied to both wet and dry hair, to bring moisture and shine at any time of the day!

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