Get Ready

Capillary Detox For Hair That Breathes!

Has your hair been subjected to too many chemical treatments?

Are they greasy or have dandruff? Hair detox is for you!
Gel, wax, oils... are all styling products that accumulate and end up suffocating the hair fibre.

At HC Prestige, we also recommend a hair detox before a treatment. When the scales of the hair are clogged, the masks or serums no longer have any effect!

Unlike conventional shampoos, the ones in the GET READY collection remove all harmful residues and other impurities that remain despite washing. Use alternately with your regular shampoo or regularly on a problematic scalp. Your hair can finally breathe!

The detoxifying charcoal shampoo absorbs grease and dust. It is slightly exfoliating to facilitate the evacuation of the dead skins.

The micellar shampoo in spray allows proceeding to a particularly soft washing by by trapping the impurities in its tensio-active micelles.

If you want to get the most out of your treatment, try the Clarifiying alkaline shampoo. It purifies the hair by opening the hair cuticles and preparing it to absorb all the active ingredients. It is an ideal product before a straightening , or a coloration!

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