Always Young

Capillary 'Botox' to Rejuvenate Your Hair!

Your hair is dull and worn out?

Do you know about hair 'botox'? Rest assured, there are no syringes or injections involved! The products in the ALWAYS YOUNG collection are very nourishing and have an immediate anti-aging effect !

Thecapillary 'botox' is designed for mature and all damaged hair! Its action is double because it also revives the shine of colored hair. It is a real hair lift!

Shampoo, mist and lotion are all enriched with regenerative panthenoland caviar rich in active anti-oxidants. They give a second life to your hair! The cream is enriched with collagen that retains water to restore elasticity to the hair fibre.

Do you have blond or bleached hair? Our instant matifying mist anti-yellow reflection can be used in addition to this routine. No rinsing required, you can use it anywhere, anytime!

The professional treatment

As the skin is not the only one to suffer the effects of time, at HC Prestige, we have designed this professional treatment as an elixir of youth. A 'botox' effect that brings instant suppleness and shine.

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